Icelandic courses
The purpose of Icelandic courses is not only to meet ministerial requirements, but also to assist foreigners in settling in Iceland. Students learn to use Icelandic in everyday situations as well as learn to translate simple texts using a dictionary and grammar rules that are clearly taught during the course.

Polish courses for foreigners
The communicative language teaching method is applied to the lessons. It puts emphasis on learning the ability to speak. All lessons, including beginner level, are taught in Polish only. We usually work in international groups and often Polish is the only language to communicate. This method gives surprisingly quick results - what motivates students. Conversations are practiced from the earliest stages of learning through carefully designed exercises such as simulations, role playing, and language games. We use the best and well-liked textbooks. In addition, our teachers complement the textbooks with their own, interesting materials.





Individual course is the quickest and the most effective way to improve your language skills. The form of individual lessons is fully determined by the student's needs. The course is adapted to the student's level and ability. Lessons are usually held once a week for 80 minutes or twice a week for 60 minutes. This type of course is excellent both as a self-study course and as a complement to another course.

Group courses
are offered to everyone wishing to enroll in our regular course once or twice a week for 80 minutes. This course is designed for people who want to develop the language skills necessary to communicate in all situations of everyday life and work. Using various teaching methods and techniques, all four language skills are developed: writing, speaking, reading and listening. We teach free and proper communication and develop the vocabulary of our students. We teach not only to talk, but how to speak. We take care of language diligence, correct pronunciation and the use of appropriate grammatical structures. Grammar is intended to be a tool for building sentences and expressions and to create a sense of security in the use of the language.





Intensive courses - if you need more intensive learning, intensive language courses will be the perfect solution for you. The courses are designed for everyone who is looking for a quick progress in a short time. Taking part in the course we offer, you are able to learn in one semester, the material traditionally taught throughout the year. Express pace and visible progress will keep you motivated at a high level throughout the duration of the course.

Looking forward to your expectations, we have prepared a series of professional language exam preparation courses for people applying for Icelandic citizenship. Classes are held individually with only one student. Students are provided with a careful selection of teachers, who professionally prepare you for the exam, so that you can pass the exam without any problems.  The lessons are planned individually.


on-line (1)

Saga Akademía - language school is the first school to teach Icelandic online!
- You do not need to spend extra time and money on commuting to home. You work at home, which also gives you more comfort, better well-being, and therefore the efficiency of language learning is growing.
- Thanks to online learning, the teacher's attention is focused 100% on you, tailored to your accomplishments and expectations.
- You can participate in a lesson and drink your favourite tea from your favourite cup.
No matter what the weather is like, whether you are healthy or sick, you only need to have your Skype enabled.


Language levels description presented below is selected individually to the student's skills. At the end of each semester an internal exam is organized, the teacher prepares a progress report based on the results of the test. At the end of the school year, after passing the final test, the student receives a certificate at a certain level.