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Teachers are the prerequisite for success in learning languages, and therefore our staff are carefully selected specialists with experience and passion. We use effective and proven teaching methods and we can provide a friendly and stress-free atmosphere. We are characterized by creativity, open-mindedness, professionalism, and individual approach to each student.

KSH maí 2015

Karl Smári Hreinsson

Karl Smári Hreinsson, founder of Saga Akademía, earned his master degree in Icelandic language and literature from the University of Iceland. He completed advanced Teachers Training with Boston University. Karl Smári has taught Icelandic for foreigner since 1998. He was an Adjunct Professor with the European Division of the University of Maryland and is a freelance writer and a tourist guide in Iceland and Greenland.

Anita Ślęczek, nauczycielka języka islandzkiego i angielskiego

Anita Ślęczek

Anita is a student at Háskóli Íslands in Reykjavík and studies Icelandic as a second language. She has an experience in teaching English to children, teenagers and adults since 2017 by giving private lessons as well as group. Anita has also finished courses regarding languages teaching in Poland. She loves music, nature and learning foreign languages.

Mateusz Ostrowski english teacher

Mateusz Ostrowski

Mateusz Ostrowski started his adventure with teaching English many years ago. He graduated in English Philology at the University of Wrocław. He worked in various language schools and ran his own educational business for 10 years, in the meantime also working as an interpreter, working at many conferences and business meetings as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter. He lived in the UK for six years, where he honed his language skills. He is in love with the cosmos and is actively pursuing his musical career.

Lorena Lurita Sanchez, nauczycielka języka hiszpańskiego

Lorena Lurita Sanchez

Lorena is a Spanish teacher who specializes in teaching the language to those who are not native speakers. Her mother tongue is Spanish, and she focuses on motivating her students to learn well. She uses methodologies that encourage the development of their analytical skills and creativity. Lorena also has experience as a Nursing Technician in Peru, where she gained valuable teamwork skills. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, and spending time with her furry friends, as she is a great dog lover.

Julia Magdalena Stefańska, icelandic teacher

Julia Magdalena Stefańska

Julia studies Icelandic as a second language at Háskóli Íslands. She has been living in Iceland since the end of 2016, and started learning Icelandic at the beginning of 2017, immediately using it practically at work. She has 5 years of experience in working with children in an Icelandic kindergarten, as well as many years of experience in organizing workshops, meetings and events for children and adults. A fan of grammar (and how to teach it simply!) and the practical use of language in everyday life. In her free time, she sings, deepens her pedagogical knowledge and reads belles-lettres.


Natalia Domagała

Natalia is a graduate of French and Spanish Philology, with a teaching speciality. She expanded her teaching qualifications by obtaining the TEFL certificate. In 2010, she obtained a state certificate entitling her to work as an Icelandic translator. She started gaining her teaching experience in 2009 by giving individual lessons. Learning foreign languages is her passion.


Wojciech Piotr Lisiński

He has been an English teacher for over fifteen years. He has taught English to children, teenagers, and adults. Peter worked at various language schools and summer camps. He completed advanced teacher training in Poland. He loves hiking and playing computer games.


Karolina Kryspowicka-Lisińska

She has graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan where she studied English. Karolina has worked as an English teacher for many years now. She is also a teacher trainer organizing workshops for other language teachers. She loves hiking in the mountains, knitting and reading books.


Joanna Ewa Menderska

Joanna works in the office. She completed B.A. studies in tourism and recreation in Warsaw. She has many years of experience in office work and customer service.